About Us

Core Energy Advisors’ principals have completed over 350 M&A transactions, totaling more than $17 billion.

M & A Transactions

Billions of Value


Core Energy Advisors is solely focused on providing unbiased, thoughtful advice and maximizing value to our clients.

Who We Are

Core Energy Advisors has been formed with the belief that all evaluation or A&D work, whether asset-level or corporate, starts with sound asset-level analysis, coupled with experienced, honest advice.

Credible technical work coupled with the experience to provide sound, reasoned advice, and the ability to execute transactions gives Core Energy Advisors an unmatched ability to assist our clients in meeting their objectives.

What We Do

Whatever the task- divestment, evaluation, buy-side, or strategic advisory, Core Energy Advisors has the expertise and experience to provide clients the level of comfort they need to pursue their strategic objectives.

The three Principals of Core Energy Advisors bring this experience and expertise to the firm. Harrison Williams, Managing Principal, brings over 25 years of experience in A&D. Russell Weinberg and Scott Trulock together have provided capital market expertise and fund raising to dozens of clients in their decade and a half together at Energy Capital Solutions.


Harrison Williams joined Bob Albrecht of Albrecht & Associates in 1989, in the infancy of the A&D market. Harrison personally led the sales effort on every pace Albrecht sold. The firm did their own grass-roots engineering on every deal they sold for 25 years. This approach put them in the forefront of selling emerging plays, as the sale of PUDs began to dominate the A&D landscape. Integrity and technical credibility were the hallmarks of Harrison’s work.

Russell Weinberg founded Energy Capital Solution in 2001 and was joined in 2004 by Scott Trulock. They have provided the capital market and execution expertise necessary to successfully raise capital for over 130 entities. Their advanced skill in financial structuring makes their experience in corporate situations particularly helpful.

Decades of experience. Hundreds of transactions. Deep industry connections. Integrity. The team at Core Energy Advisors has what it takes to meet their client’s needs.

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